A few questions

Hi, I’m very new to Blender, and I have a few burning questions currently in my mind, but first.

Let’s assume I want to make a Quake 2 mod that merely has much more polyginal verions of the weapons, let’s take the Railgun, an conic weapon from the game, it has say 300 polygons to make up the weapon.

Question 1: How do I append the Railgun Texture, to the Railgun Model?

Question 2: How do I increase the amount of polygons from say 300 to 3000??

Question 3: How would one go about making it look more real, aka has a barrel with depth, the techy bit in the middle deeper, like really smoothing it out and making it loom like it belongs in a MUCH more modern Quake Game?

Question 4: How do I save an image of the UV Unwrap “Skeleton”(if you catch my meaning), so I can create the higher quality texture??

Question 5: Assuming I want the texture to have small blinking lights, how would I go about achieving a model with a few small blinking lights??

I’ve moved your thread to “Modeling” for now, though you’re asking various questions that would really belong to different categories.

Answers to some of your questions (i.e. 1 and 4) are contained in the manual. But overall, I’d suggest to first go over some modeling tutorials and start with something simple. Without understanding the tools and the processes involved, answers would be more or less meaningless. You’re trying to cover too much ground at once.

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