A few renders

Here is some of my works
All rendered with Yaf(a)ray:




afternoon coffe

Good job! I like the disassembled cube best … I just made one for an ad at work (seeing this makes me think I may render it in Yafaray).

My only crit would be that the pool balls look a little too shiny.

I agree, POOL balls will never look so shiny, but thats snooker, we´re talking about…
My only crit here would be the cloth-strukture, looks a little too rough to me…

Amazing job, carboon! The other three renders look perfect to me.:eek:

The rubik is my favorite but they are all amazing! I am just starting out with 3D art general let alone art in general, where did you get the motivation for these projects? Great work!

Amazing work. Good job. :smiley:

Super rendu Good Job :wink:

Hmm, learned something new today. I checked out some pics, and the balls do look shiny … but maybe not quite so crisp (unless they’re brand new).

Really nice renders.

Actually, the bow is more bent for a violin, but nice render :wink:

Oh, so you are the guy who have made this wonderful violin pic i often see on yafray forum :smiley: I like this image very much. Great texturing skills you have :rolleyes:

Thanks for all comments and critics.
I hope the next time I’ll be better :slight_smile:

hahaha i love the rubix cube one, I hate those things, i would have used a screwdriver too! =D