A few sketches/digital paintings

(peter18) #1

Hi all, been trying to get back into drawing recently, and learning digital painting. Here is some of the stuff I have done in the past week or 2


(peter18) #2


(peter18) #3

Can you guess who it is yet?


(Artloader) #4

Really nice work Peter18 - I love your Obiwan Kenobi. Keep up the paint studies - they look really useful.

(peter18) #5

Thanks :slight_smile: Really enjoying the learning experience!

here is a wip of my latest piece


(Artloader) #6

Very nice progress - I can guess who it is now! You’re achieving a very good likeness of Hermione!

(peter18) #7

And finished…I think :smiley:


(Softwarespecial) #8

Pretty good the hair I think is really good wondering how you went about with the hair? Overall a sweet job, you did.

(peter18) #9

Thanks. For the hair, I kinda just made it up really. Painted a base color with a rough idea of where I wanted darker and lighter toned to be. I then used a much smaller brush, and start with the dark tone and painted individual strands, and then layered it up with mid tones, lighter tone, and highlight. I then used the smudge tool set to about 15% and lightly went over the hair, just to soften it a bit.

(SugarLand) #10

your awesome man that spiderman is sick

(peter18) #11

Jumped back into some digital painting after not doing any for a while. I really enjoy doing black and white stuff. Seems ‘easier’. Here’s part of a WIP

(peter18) #12

Calling this finished. Really enjoyed doing, and I think it’s my best work yet :smiley:

(AnimalAsLeader) #13

You are definetely talented! Keep trying and practising and you will become a great artist!
Your eyes are already pretty damn close. However, I’d suggest trying out a stronger contrast on the skin. From my point of view, you should focus on a few aspects right now:

  1. Getting some high contrast in the skin, to create a little bit more drama and a sence of depth.
  2. Mixing the skin color with a few reds and yellows, and maybe even other colors to imitate the effect of colored light.
    These two always have a huge impact onto a painting, because light and shadows are keys we use to determine wether something looks real or not :wink:

(istiase) #14

Wow It’s Look so amazing, love this sketches Designs.

(peter18) #15

I’ve been messing about in photoshop for the past couple days. here are the two random things I made.