A final fantasy like, project in UDK

Hi guys! i want some critique about my works, i want to make a RPG in UDK with blender and other free software like sculptris and gimp. The level i want to reach in graphic is like final fantasy xiii versus, but i know is a dream… but if i can reach the level of devil may cry 4 it will be wonderfull :smiley:

Which work? I can’t see any pictures.
You can upload them to another site and post the link here or upload them directly via the attachment manager.

Final Fantasy Xiii game is already out there; HD and everything.

Are you thinking of doing things different?

i’ve not post anything at moment :smiley: in this week i’ll post something, and i would like to know what you think

yeah, i know, i’ve also the game for PS3 too, but i want to make a similar game, not final fantasy xiii :smiley:

this some of my assets still in development made principally with sculptris and posed with blender apart the second asset


this is a preview( a concept) of a set( is rendered with the render engine of blender)

it should be a classroom.