A floor board generator

Andrew Price mentioned in one of his tutorials it would come in handy to have a floor board generator like in some other modelling packages so I put together a simple one. It generates real (but simple) geometry, complete with thickness (by way of the solidify modifier) and bevels (also with a modifier).

Details on how to download and use the script are in this article.


– Michel.

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I tried it and it’s very good.

All archviz artist will be very happy… and me too!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.

I tested also the mapping and selecting all the faces and press U -> unwrap I’ve what I’m searching for a long time…every board have different UV from the others and it’s very very good to have randomness… :slight_smile:

very useful script.thanks.

I was testing before and trying to use your script to use it also as wall-of-brick generator I’ve encountered that I can’t choice a plank lenght smaller than 50cm.

Why this behaviour? is it possible to unlock this? Obviously it’s useless to go into negative number…
Anyway thanks for your script.
It’s already usefull and I hope that it will go into contrib list.

Hi Michel,
First of all thank you for this useful add-on. I wish to suggest you to submit your script to the attention of Meta-Androcto who’s the maintainer of the Building Objects add-on (which includes several addons) for inclusion in the latter. Perhaps it might need a little bit of polishing or more testing but would makes sense to have it within this collection of architectural tools.


another nice tool from the blender nation . thanks

I’ve been asking for such a Sript at least a hundret times :wink:

I did not have time yet to test it.
I hope it will work with random Material like here: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?258874-Cycles-How-to-Random-Location-Rotation-an-Scale-of-Mapping

Please make it work like the FloorGenerator for 3DS Max, see here: http://www.cg-source.com

Kind regards

Going to test this today, THANK YOU! :smiley:

Works brilliantly!! This needs to be part of Blender for certain, it’s got my vote! Thanks again! :smiley:

Just for fun I thought I would see if the Plank generator would run under my RE:animate series addon architecture. It looks like it does. Using RE:Plank you can animate the floor growth over time. I placed Michael’s mesh generation routine inside the events.py of the AddOn. This is essentially how the parametric beam modifier works as well. But this AddOn contains updates to 2.68 and runs as an AddOn instead of a script.


replank_08012013.zip (13.2 KB)

Really nice!

Hi VarkenVarken,

Really nice, thank you. Would it be possible to get it to just put planks in a volume or Greasepencil stroke ? Your Tree Addon allows to define the shape, it would be nice to have the same feature here. The best thing would be to have them cut exactly on where the stroke/volume is.
Maybe doable with Boolean or knife project integrated in your add-on ?

Kind regards :slight_smile:

This would be possible if he would extend the features to the same features like the Floor Generator for Max, see here: http://www.cg-source.com

Kind regards

it would be convenient and probably not to difficult to implement so maybe I’ll implement something when I have time to spare (no promises :slight_smile:

meanwhile this is what I would do myself:

  • create a floor that is large enough to cover what needs covering,
  • select your room (or whatever) and in edit mode, select all the faces that make up the floor,
  • duplicate them, extrude them, and separate them into a separate object
  • add a boolean intersection modifier to the floorboard object and select your newly duplicated floor object as reference
  • done

sounds like more work than it actually is :slight_smile:


You don’t have to say that you can’t promise, it’s already really nice you made it :slight_smile: I have tons of personal projects, I know it’s not easy to do everything. Think to your health first !

I added a feature to the floor board generator I really needed myself: a uv map with random offset for each individual plank. Without random offsets the floor looks as if it was sawn from and endless piece of wood, with the random offsets each plank looks individual. The option is set by default; if unchecked a plain uv map is added (similar to project from the top view).

More on this in this blog article.


– Michel.

Very usefull addon. Same architectural categories than Windows and Jamb Generator. It could be more versatile (eg. bathroom tiles, wall tiles)if there isnt plank length minimum 50cm.

@TynkaTopi: good point, I actually violated one of my own guiding principles: do not fix anything that might be used by others in creative ways :slight_smile: I will change the properties that have hard minima or maxima to soft extremes (that way the sliders will not move beyond these limits at first but you can override that by manually typing a value)


– Michel.

I replaced the hard limits by soft ones. The code refered to in the blog article is updated.


– Michel.

Thanks varkenvarken !

Do you know how to get random Material values per linked vertices ?
This Method works only per Mesh Object but not per linked vertices within a Mesh Object.

Do get random values for HUE, SAT and VAL per board would really make this Plugin mature.

Kind regards