A free 3d moddeller

I never knew there is an other free 3d moddeller: http://k3d.sourceforge.net/

That’s because they suck at advertising :stuck_out_tongue: No forum for users, just a mailing list with about 4-5 people. I’ve downloaded the latest testrelease (has been undergoing a rewrite), using an ugly GTK interface. If someone can tell me how to model with it, please do tell :-?



the moedling tools arent that bad, but it is not great for the animation part.

the only thing i realy like about it is that it has an option to compile and render shaders directly out of k3d, you only have to edit the shader code by hand in a text editor.


~_~ I’ve looked at that for years.

K3D Is more of a Scene Graph Editor. Its going through UI Changes just like Blender. But its really cleaning up from last time I had used it. But there is no reason to kill this application. K3D and Ayam should get together though.

After a email from me i got this:

Thanks for your support! You’re right, we haven’t set
up forums yet.
We have a wiki and a mailing-list, you may have
already found. We’re working hard to make next release
out which will be very easy to use. Then, we’ll
improve support.

And later on:

Just to say I’ve opened 2 forums on our Sourceforge
project page: