A free model for you...

i dunno i just felt like making a model to share with u guys

its basicaly a building with a parking lot… free for any one who wants to use it


blend located here

Thanks. now you just need a spiderman to go along with it :slight_smile:

lolz. i will be releasing a lot more models for free, plus ill be writing tutorials on how to make these… it doesnt look to good becouse it is un textured but the quality of the work is allright

Wow, thanks vitaliy that is really great of you. Buildings are always great to have for many many scenes.

Nice. Looks finely detailed yet doesn’t take long torender,even on my low spec machine. How did you model the fence?

the fence was fairly easy to make as it is consiting on a tube thats 6 vertises in curcomferanse, then extrude down and just dupped all over

im in the progress of realeasing another 1 of these