A free Spirit


I have just finished my last project called “A free Spirit” and wanted to share it with you ! Excuse me for my poor english level, I’m a frenchy :wink:

A free Spirit is a short movie fully created with Blender talking about the liberty of diversity. The music has been composed in collaboration with a friend to fully deserve the video.

The pitch : A child discover a strange feather falling down the sky. He realizes that it gives colour with a single touch. Filled with wonder, the feather bring to light the diversity of the world he’s living. He will try hard to make the colour emerge from everywhere !

Take some Pop-corn, switch of the light and enjoy ! :slight_smile:

My video suffers from a lot of bug coming from freestyle and raytracing. As my first work on an animation there is a lot of problem of rhythm. I had only 4 Monthes to complete the production of the film. Anyway I’m proud having finished this project and I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Here you can find my conception document, where you can find every info on the project and how I bring it to life.

Waiting on your comments, Cat