A Free Version Of Maya 7.0 Is Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after HOURS of brousing on the internet for a cheap price for lightwave, i ended up browsing yahoo answers, and found someone asking about a version of maya 7.0, called: “Maya 7.0 Personal Learning Edition”. and being that i’ve NEVER heard of this type of version for maya, i (of course) checked out some of the answers to the question, and in one of the answers to the question…IT MENTIONED THAT THIS VERSION OF MAYA IS FREE!!!, thinking that this is too good to be true, i did a search on the autodesk website (for those of you who don’t know, autodesk and alias have joined forces…), and i searched for: “MAYA 7.0 PERSONAL EDITION download”. and sure enough…it’s TRUE! i’ve already downloaded my copy, and i’m not sure how long this offer is going to last, so if anyone wants it, you better hurry!!!..that being said…here’s the link…

enjoy! :slight_smile:


The PLE versions have been around a long time, and most likely be around for a while. Your renders will be watermarked, and you will not be able to export any objects.

Best of Luck!!

awwww man! i didn’t know! sorry 'bout that guys…:o :o :o , anywho, will we AT LEAST still be able to save a file to a media format (e.g., .avi, .mov)?

Yeah, it’s good for learning Maya…that’s what it’s for.

BUT–you can export your s into UT2k4 with an export plugin you can download.

Laughing cheese,

Yes, but it may not work with ple 7. I had been using ple5 with unrealed (GOTY), and was chomping at the bit to download ple6. However, it took quite a while for the plugin to become available. I know there is a working plugin for ple6, but in the past, it has not been a priority to update the free plugin. Also, I don’t know if they keep earlier versions of ple around. The whole idea is introduce new stuff.


No need to be sorry, it is great that you are willing to share info!

While PLE may be free and a good way to work with advanced 3D tools note that most free versions watermark and limit the resolution of your images. I’ve seen screenshots of past renders using previous versions of the PLE and the watermark practically overpowers it.

Maybe a Maya or Lightwave forum would answer your questions in a better way.

Like some people already said in your other (LW) thread: the tool’s secondary, your skills are primary what counts.
If that’s so, an OpenSource package to get started with looks like a good idea. Oh well, if you watch carefully some galleries and movies which have been made with Blender, you’ll see soon that’s it’s not “only” for getting started. Blender’s a professional application which can produce absolutely professional output - if the guy sitting in front of the PC knows how to.

P.S. Also consider the amazing high development cycle of Blender. Look how fast new versions come out with amazing features.


This is the “Other Software” ie not Blender forum. Where people should feel free to ask questions regarding “Other Software” ie not Blender.

It is entirely appropriate to ask questions about any software here. This is a fine community, with many respected members that have experience with other software either thru their work or hobbies.

Yes, it is “Other Software: Questions & Answers about other software useful in combination with Blender.”

I edited the first paragraph in my above posting.

Yes, it is “Other Software: Questions & Answers about other software useful in combination with Blender.”

Is this your interpretation or is this stated anywhere on this forum?
I see posts here all the time about things that are not remotelly connected to blender and enjoy learning about different ways of doing things not only in blender ( which I deerly love).

If things have to be blender related to be included in this forum and if that is something that will be enforced, let me be the first to say that this is a pretty narrow minded attitude, and one that goes agains most of the principles of open source, The fact that other tools under discussion may not be open source not withstanding.

A free exchange of ideas is paramount for a healthy community.


I just quoted it from the main site: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/

I don’t think it’s about “have to”.

I just suggested to the original poster that very likely for pure Maya questions (like “Where do I get free Lightwave downloads” in another topic he started) he would find better answers on a dedicated Maya forum (respective Lightwave).
I’m sure it’s helpful to see interesting talk here which touches general topics. It’s kind of what you brought up.

Ok, if these are the rules, they are the rules. I still think that it is an unnecessary ( and stifling ) restriction. What makes this forum attractive (in my opinion) is the free exchange of information which I believe is dimmished by an over zelous adherence to the guidelines.



what is wrong with the download link on the maya site? I tried again and again but I keeps getting …

could somebody tell me where I could find this forms? cause While I will use Blender3D for most of my practices/projects anyway, I still wanna check the Maya out and see what it is like.

You must fill every field marked with *, that means all (those 6 questions as well) besides ‘address 2’.

I donwloaded Maya 7 PLE month or two ago but I couldn’t learn its’ interface in those 5 minutes of using it :stuck_out_tongue: Also the watermark isn’t just small watermark that delicately compose into the render… It’s a WATERMARK that covers your scene laughs

But it’s great to learn and after I will master Blender on every level winks I will put some time to learn Maya…

Hope you will manage to download the file. Goodluck.

Didn’t you read right below the quote in my last post? Guess I need to avoid the arrangement like that from now on. I couldn’t find those form at all where I have to fill out these info.

Albrecht, since this same topic has been posted numerous times in news and chat and this forum, Im struggling to see your logic here.

For the record: He posted in the right place and has a full right to post regarding Maya or any other software he chooses, in conjunction with blender or not.

The biggest “problem” with using PLE for anything other than learning to use Maya is

  1. the watermarking and
  2. you can’t use it for anything else other than learning because it only saves to its own format. Regular Maya can’t even load it (so everybody in a studio doesn’t use the free program for everything except rendering - you’d only have to buy one copy then).

I think there’s also size limits and no macros.

Of course, none of that prevents you from learning the tool, which is the point. You just can’t create anything nice to show people, even non-commercially.

I will test Maya 7 when they have a Linux PLE…

Rad - the link is on this page http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=7639525

Well I did clicked on most of the links and still get the same error, I simply go straight to a “Autodesk Maya Personal Learning Edition Trial Download” page, click submit and it happens again. :confused::confused::confused:

I just simply don’t see the form ANYWHERE at all. there is not even a link to the form in the error page.