A fully audio reactive Music Video

I spent few month playing with the audio curves that blender is providing. My friends of “Head On Television” provided me the stems of the tracks, making it easier to have different element reacting with the music. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to post your comment on it! cheers

really cool! nice effect!


i have intrigue about the animation of background, is a video? or is a animation with audio curves too? Good robot!

this is epic!

Hi, the animation in the background is a video used as texture that I made in AFx with some particular systems. 3 particle systems are attached to the synth/drum/bass stems audio curves from AFx. I also used the same texture but in inverted colors on some other objects. cheers

Fantastic work! Love the style of it all.

What are you using to bring audio into Blender and make it move objects?

Thanks yogyog! I actually used the “bake sound to f curves” feature of blender. You can google it and find some tutorials about how to use it.