A Funny Scene 'but' Not A Difficult Scene

Hello BlenderHeads and welcome to this new SMC
Subject: “A Funny Scene ‘but’ Not A Difficult Scene”

Build a simple scene with a funny character in it.
After rendering the final scene rig the character(if you don’t know how it’s in the documentation).
After rigging, animate the character.

If you think it’s to hard read the line below:
“Create positive energy to create what you want on screen”
That’s how i think. Even a bad IPO can be converted to a good IPO.

My scratch scene:
And the wire:

The contest will end when the best animation is exploding out of the screen(Oh!!! there goes my monitor!!)

Good Luck!

ehm maybe it’s beter to post his at the contests forum cause this aint a SMC…


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WTF are you talking about?