a funny vid of me!

I’ve recently been tring to become a trickster and this was just made me roll with laughter when I saw it on video, so maybe you would too![Spoof].avi


oh yeah That is me doing the back handsprings btw

lol, I like when you fall down at the end all dizzy…



What codec is it, i cant play it :frowning:

Haaahhaaaa Where do you take your gymnastics lessons?

LMFAO! Man, when you get all dizzy, that is friggin hilarious. Sorry, but it is some funny shit man.


Could you put up a divx version?



Irfanview played it for me, give up on Media Player.

N/C on the video, heh.

I took gym lessons? Actrally that was my second attemp of that, my first attempt was successful then I messed up and my cousin was luaghing so I busted out as many as I could…I guess that was a bad idea!

The video seems to be in Indeo Video 5 format but is it badly encoded? Mac OS X can’t play Indeo Video at all because that format is pretty much obsolete and intel haven’t released new versions of the codec but OS 9/classic can still play Indeo Video fine. That clip doesn’t play however. What did you use to encode it?

Mmmhh newest divx player installed and winamp 5.0 too, seams to work. I could play it with winamp 5.0 with ease.

Btw, lol little dizzy after some loops. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got another spoof! I was gonna do a front flip but mid way I changed my mind… BAD IDEA![Spoof].avi

Dude, do have nothing better to do than try and ruin your future potential to reproduce?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, wait a minute. That may be a ood idea. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


dude, thats funny as hell hahaha, you shouldve seen my first try of them things and running up the wall scary shit lol.