A futuristic Airplane made by a noob


My name is Alex, I’m 17 years old and i come from Germany and I’m really new to creating Computer Grafics and working with Blender. I’ve seen a lot of amazing work in this Forum, and so thought it would be nice just to introduce myself and to show you some of my work (well there isn’t much work of mine at the moment, but I hope that will change soon ;D ) to get some advice from more experienced artists.

This is my first attempt to modell a vehicle - a simple, futuristic airplane I made just yesterday. Maybe you could give me some tips where i could add more details - or how to create some cool looking textures for it… well enough text for some lousy beginners work - here come the pictures:





Ps: Could anybody give me a hint, where I can find some good free reference pictures for modelling humans (especially faces)? I’ve only found pay sites so far… :frowning: