a game design

hi there so for the last past month,s i was working on a character concept design that i am hoping to do something big with it, one day, but i say,d before jumping that step, i need to know how do my design,s look,s like and wither or not thy are perfect to be used is a game so what i am focusing on actually is league of legend,s i don’t play it a lot actually but stile i like how there design,s look, especially thous project skin,s thing, thy are awesome, so i say,d why not doing a concept design character hoping one day i can join riot game,s with it so this is my character, i didn’t decide her name yet, but she is a fighter secondary assassin the only ability i mad for her for now is her passive and her Q i don’t what to talk about that,s what i want to talk about is the design,s i know that riot game,s use low ply yet high design,s for there game so i mad this design, which it,s not that low poly neither high poly the only thing that was hard about making this character was the texture it,s 2048x2048 witch is a large texture for a low poly yet i don’t know why doesn’t look so great, but i wont be the judge the rigging was difficult 2 as i made the character part, divided from each other,s witch made it harder to rig it, so tell me what do you think about the design and about the character, will it be cool if it was a lol character? will my design,s fit to lol style feed back wold be very helpful and comment wild be nice 2

you can chick my artstation for more of my designs

ill try and keep you posted about the design,s and the idea every week
thank you for your time


hi everyone
so again this is the character that i told you about which i want to see how far can i go on making a game design character,s
so in the last picture i sayd that i didnt decide her name yet, but i did now,

her name is hind and she is a fighter

more update are coming soon with a video of her in action preview
but now i made some new update picture of her chick them out, and dont forget to comment, feed back is nice :slight_smile:

this is my artstation


thank you for your time,

hi guy,s again it,s hind concept design, and this time it,s almost a spotlight video
i mad some coding for her design , to see her in live preview ,
chick the video

chick out the artstation

tell me what you think and comment if you like more is coming