A glass filled with orange jucie

Hi guys,

I am a new member and here on this platform and hope to find a bit help.

I’ve started last year with learning 3ds Max by myself and switched now over to blender
thanks to blenderguru and the great cycles render engine and the open source nature of blender!

Since I couldn’t find a good tutorial on youtube or through the google searches I did, could you explain to me how to create a material for orange juice? (and other drinks, maybe tea, coffe or a coke)

Best regards


First, a proper modeling is a must: Fluid in a Glass at Adaptive Samples

Then, for juices and similar translucent fluids, mix in SSS (Subsurface Scattering) with Glass BSDF (Thread: Cycles orange juice material) or add volumetric scatter, absorption…

There’s also Orange Juice on BlendSwap

& much more around…