A golden watch.

I decided to make my watch. Not entirely exactly same looking, but enough.

Any suggestions on what’s wrong/right?
And I know about the chain on the bottom left, it’s a bit messy there. I thought one of those rings are going to be rendered, but it seems it wasn’t and it’s entirely turned into wrong direciton, any help on how to fix it?

EDIT: old render removed.

not bad - but the chain is floating

Well chain isn’t floating.
New Render:


Cool watch. Overall it looks good, my only notes would be that the face is turned the wrong way (when there is a cover, the hinge is usually at 9 and the crown at 3, because of the way you would normally hold that type of watch in your hand). Also, the watch body is a lot heavier than the cover - in that position, I somewhat expect the watch to fall over. Otherwise though, a very nice render.

might be cool if you put a picture inside of (maybe in black&white or sequoia) watch looks upside down to me, might make it sink into the pillow to show its weight, pillow looks blocky, might put it through lux render???might add a brand name or a logo and tic marks to the face (darksouler brand?) face looks kinda of naked right now, all i got of the top off my head, very nice render by the way i’m just picky

I use Yaf(a)ray. I thought I’d render this just in silver to see how it looks. However I can’t get the bump mapping work well enough with the watch. Pillow seems to need a bit work and probably a nice texture. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. Kinda tired now. 1:30 am <.< Anyways… I’ll update some more tomorrow if I have time.

Here is what I got now:


hey looking better, maybe try some more ornate clock hands,

I agree the pillow puts it off… it needs a good texture and needs to show weight

the last link in the chain (connecting to the last large loop) looks a bit squashed… or is it meant to look like that?

I’ll work on the arrows a bit later. Just had enough time to change some bits and render.


Another render update. =/ any suggestions what to do to make the pillow look better?


Bumping with a new render. Still pillow looks like some half assed baloon.

A pillow is much like a ballon, just less squishy…it shows too much weight right now. A few folds could also add realism, but, like the amount the pillow reacts to the weight of the clock, the size of the folds have to be fairly correct to give the right impression. Humans a quite good at determining materials from their reaction to the environment.
Also the mapping of the texture looks a little flat, unless I am seeing the pillow as rounder than it really is…

The last link in the chain still looks a bit dodgey, and the pillow still doesn’t look right… although I can’t put my finger on what it is other than the weight and texture… there’s something else