a good blender cycles theme for eyes?

i’ve seen the video by Mr.andrew, and i changed the DPI to 100, but what is a good theme of coloring? he says contrast units but many others do the same, so what is the best size for my 15" screen? eyes are very important to a human that can see

I can spend a lot of hours a day in Blender and I don’t think the default theme is too bad. The one thing that is a must is to change the default vertices colour away from black, I tend to switch back to the whitish pink of the 2.49 theme. That it is black as a default beggars belief! The other thing which is obvious but I neglect to do it myself sometimes, is to give your eyes (and back) regular breaks, focusing every now and again on (real world) objects in the mid and far distance also helps.

I think 2.69 ships with a bunch of sexy new themes. One I like in particular is the Maya theme.

I don’t object so much to the colors as I do the size of the font. As I get older those small fonts are harder and harder to see on a 17" laptop…

Hi SCD you know that can be easily fixed with the DPI setting in preferences, right? FYI. :smiley:
P.S. Did you ever get the makehuman eyes to work.

I played Eve Online for years and that game has got some WOW small text and lots of it as the game is like excel and spaceships had a baby. I learned that the best thing to do is stay away from high contrast. You see in the forums how the text is off white and the background is dark. That’s perfect. Black on bright white will kill your eyes and vice versa. With such a small screen space you don’t have much room for larger text but try out the Elsyiun theme under the user presets menu. I like it better than the original. Easier on the eyes.

Fortunately yes.

Using an alpha map I did. A transparency node to one input of a mixer with the eye texture on the other and the alpha map to the factor input. Just like you have to do with alpha 7.

I’ve now moved on to playing with normal maps, bump maps and such to force wrinkles, blemishes and other skin imperfections with some help I got from “blenderallday” and a lot of trial and error.

I’ve had to stop doing so much blender though… I am getting lots of heat from several folks to get my current science fiction novel done.