A good tool for Blender users??

(misterpib) #1

A mouse with a numeral keypad built-in.
I thought that this might be of use to users of Blender, as the keypad is a fairly well-used part of the keyboard. Especially since the rest of the keys used in blender are mostly on the other side of the keyboard, which forces either a hand off the mouse, or the hand on the other side of they keyboard to have to switch over. Plus, it’s just really neat looking. And it will kill two birds with one stone for anyone who has a laptop and needs a mouse and a keypad. What do you guys think?


(gryphon) #2

That’s actually pretty cool. And for 5 bucks US, I think I’l give it a try. :smiley:

(KarbonCopy) #3

That actually look kinda inconvenient. You’d have to take your hand off the mouse to use the keys on it.

I like having one hand on the keyboard and one on the mouse, its just soo easy, like playing a game :slight_smile: