A good Topology Tool for Blender 2.8

Hello Friends!

…I know 2.8 is still in cocoon stage… but are there any good Topology tools/plug-ins around, you folks might know of?

By Topology Tool, I mean:
I have a high poly mesh with UVs laid out… and I would like to be able to create a low-poly mesh which doesn’t distort or gets messed up by using “un-subdivide” or “Decimate-modifier”.

I am currently re-topolgizing certain meshes by hand… it takes 10 years :frowning:

Any helpful hint is appreciated.

Thank you

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You should have a look at retopoflow, it has quite a arsenal of tools to get the job done;D
Edit: oh wait i dont know if thats available for 2.8

Retopoflow is not out for 2.80 yet, but they are working on it. I think it’s the best retopo tool that’s out.

That being said, you’re still retopologizing by hand and it sounds like Kobold doesn’t want to do that. That being said he’d probably want to try out some of these remesh add-ons? I can’t say which is best as I’ve never used any of them but maybe like this https://www.blendermarket.com/products/dynremesh-2


That’s it!