A good way to hold an object?

Does anyone have a good process for a character grabbing, holding and weilding and object?, say a gun or sword?

Yes! You have to constrain the object to the Hand bone. Meaning that he Object need to have a bone for it self and has to be integrated in the character rig. Any questions I’ll be here a little more :wink:

Thank you rogper,
that will do just fine buddy.

there’s another way, try parenting an empty to the hand bone, then giving the object that is going to be picked up a copy loc, and a copy rot constraint to the empty, and keyframe the influence. so, frame 25, object is on table, influence = 0%. frame 26, object is grasped, influence = 100%.

That is great, cause I was just wondering how to go from not holding it to holding and swinging it
Thanks Modron

Just be careful when you do assign the copy loc from the armature or empty to the object because it will move the picked up object to its object centre. And if that’s off from moving it around in edit mode or not placed where you want it to be, weird results can occur. Something like a ball is easy, its centre is easy to sort out. But a gun or sword say for instance, the object centre needs to be in the centre of the handle above where the centre of the palm goes, where the extra armature or empty should be placed.

This is where the “child of” constraint in SVN comes in REAL handy.


sorry but how can i parent an empty to the handbone?
i cant select the empty and just the handbone, only the whole armature

You need to be in Pose Mode . Select the armature and hit Ctrl-Tab to go into Pose Mode or do it from the 3D header and you will be able to select individual bones to parent to .