A Grassy Knoll

Here it is… This is my first render posted here:D. It’s nothing too special, and is probably not my best render, but it’s the only one relevant to the general public that looks pretty good.

The sky is terrible, the clouds don’t look like they should be viewed from near the horizon. And the map is lo-res lookin’. Any tuts or tips for skymaps? I don’t know how to move them around…

Other C&C welcome too…

Thnx for the comments person who’s name I forgot… I updated it. Sky is rotated and it looks a bit more natural, and it’s brighter.

…All you need is an assasin

…We all need one, because we have never had one.

I don’t know what that means but just cos I’m a noob with an outrageously crap render doesn’t mean you can play me around :x

sorry, getting sidetracked on the whole political/conspiracy debate. %|

Nice grass, how long did it take to render?
btw, for the clouds, I would suggest going into the texture panel for them (where you did the whole load image thing) and finding a button which has something to the effect of “90 degrees” or something like that, because it looks sideways to me…

It was a reference to the assassination of John F. Jennedy. The area where one of the shots is said to come from was called “The grassy knoll” They weren’t threatening to kill you based on the quality of your work. :slight_smile:

Ah, well I don’t know a whole lot about JFK but I’m-a-learning. Thnx for the tips and the explanation of “Grassy Knoll” :-?

Maybe I’ll post an update…

Render time was like 30 seconds on 1.8 ghz 512 ram lol

rather surprised you didn’t know about it, given the title of the work. My only crit is that the sepc on the blades might be a little high. Other than that, good job.

I think the blades are huge or there’s a very odd looking half-sphere lump in the middle of the grass. It’s hard to tell with nothing to check for scale. Otherwise it looks pretty good, the sky is a little off like you said.

Nice try, the only crit I have is about light, it doesn’t match with the position of sun in the sky, and the clouds…

Nice work, now all it needs is an army of orcs or humans running across it, like how the grass looks in the update

I thought about the lighting again when I posted the update, and I thought it looked ok, but i realise now that the sun is behind the left hand cloud (I think). Oh well. :slight_smile: :frowning: :-? :slight_smile: :smiley: