A Grey Sky, blender 2.5 beta

I’m new here! My name is Marc and I am a French user. So I’m sorry if my English is not very good.

I make a grey sky with rain with the tutorial :
“How to create rain?” ( http://www.blenderguru.com/bring-the-rain/ ).
But I’ve got problems… I don’t know how create a realistic material for my plant. (because, I made a blend file with a plant, grey sky, rain (of course !)).

I want to create my first realistic render, but I don’t know if my plant (the model) is correct.

So I want to show you my blender file. Can you comment my blender file please?

You must insert the Password to download my blend file. (In French Télécharger = Download^^)

Thanks, Marc.

Bon Jour! You can post some screen shots if you want, it may be easier than downloading for you *.blend file for some slackers like me.

Regarding plants, my own way for plants is to append/importing existing plants meshes, and studying by analysis, then either moving forward . . . with artistic freedom ofcourse!

ca marche pas… t’as utiliser le node editor? parceque ca se render bien, mais après, tout est noir… lol, yeah what I tried to say is that your render isn’t working, the result is always a black picture… hard to say whether the material is good or not :wink:

–> Ok, I’m going to import plants meshes in my blend file.
And there are my images.

–> Ton Français est très bon, bravo !! Yes, I used the Node editor. I don’t find why my render is black.:frowning:
I’m going to search where is my error.


wht’s the set up for th world?
which render type did you use

Environment some Skylight ect

did you add some lamps around to light up or not ?

montre nous quelques images pour le World set up et la scene que tu as


I made a new blend file.
There are pictures. (My render and the scene).


looks cool

you have not really use the World as such left it mostly black
and not other env light either

it looks nice
cold have more trees and may be some flowers around the tree’s base may be

is it working ok now


I made an other render.
I think that is good !


Looks very nice!
However, you can see the individual spheres, for the rain…maybe decrease the size and increase the blur?

I decrease the size and increase the blur but the scene doesn’t change much.
So I don’t understand why we can see the individual spheres.

I can give my blend file if you want.