A grouping problem

Hello, all;

I have very recently gotten handy enough with Blender, to where I’m able to create simple models and apply textures to them. I then export these models into a virtual railroad simulator.

Now, for the problem: Most of my models have more than one part and I need to fix them into a group to which all of the pieces will respond simultaneously to adjusting on whatever axis that happens to be selected. As it is, I can move one object and they all move but if I pick another object in the group, only that objects moves.

I know about the parent-child functions and all that. But, can I make all the pieces in a model attached to a group, regardless of what piece is chosen?

I’ll appreciate whatever ideas are offered.

Thanks in advance,


I think this should go to the help section…

I don’t really understand the problem, can’t you just select all pieces that have to move and move them?
If you want to group pieces, I would probably suggest empties (but I’m not that experienced with grouping)
Create an empty, select all pieces that you want to move, and parent them to the empty by selecting the empty and press ctrl + p. You can also parent multiple empties to 1 empty.
Or you could create a small rig?