A hanging chair

Hey everyone,

This was just a model I was making for my site www.imeshh.com but i think it came out so nice that I want to share it. I think its my most favourite one yet :smiley:

I made some of the fabric simulations in Marvelous Designer, then slightly sculpted it in Blender. Also the roped and everything was made in Blender too.
The materials were made in Substance Designer (bloody amazing program)

This model is probably going to be released at the end of August for our official launch with a whole pack of other models :smiley:


this looks really nice, the model and the render, nice work although i have to ssay, the wires that hanging the chair, look abit to relaxy, thy should look tied out, but i am not sure,
it appers at the last render,
the left side first 2 wires,

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Hey :slight_smile: thank you :smiley:

Yeah, I had a look at that and i think it might be because the wires are wider than they are thick, and they are twisted which might be causing that effect

Oh but now i’ve seen the very front one on the left does actually have a slight kink. But i think the twisting might explain some other weirdness?

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Or, maybe we can just go with… the weight is some wires more than the than others :wink:

it doesnt matter as long as the ida is great, the render is awesome, what els can it be right ?

Exactly :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks alf0

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Blimey, stunning work kris!

thanks buddy!

Render looks amazing. Simulation did a great job making it realistic.

Thanks AonoZan! Not going to lie, it was a ballache but I’m happy with it!