A Head

Yes indeed, a head. How…boring. But I felt that it was time to participate in the blender community :smiley: And what better way than to show my latest WIP?

Please, critique, offer suggestions, insult me, rick roll me, or anything else that floats your boat.


wow thats a pretty good head but the only problem i see is just the ears.
First of all the front of them are just a little to far out but other wise thats really good.

looks like a cross between vin diesel and sonny from iRobot

my only crit other than the previous ear comment would be the curve on the inside of the eye, closest to the nose. It seems a bit overly rounded to me, could just be the angle of the render, that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

The corners of the mouth seem to come out a bit too much and the bridge of the nose where it meets the brow may need some smoothing. And yeah, the ears.

Thanks for the words guys!
I hope to have fixed what you spotted and not messed up anything else heh.

I attempted to smooth out the bridge a bit, hopefully I got it. It was that one nasty pole…I now have 3 of them around the eyes. What do you think of the topology, would those poles possibly get in the way of animation? I am a total n00b to animating/rigging anything organic.