A home far from home

This is my entry to the “Place called home” work we did at xoio last year. I wanted to explore what a “home” could feel like for a spacetraveller pushing the frontiers and the fatigue involved in being an adventurer. How do you make yourself a place of comfort in a hostile environment far away from your loved ones?

I “forced” myself to do this one completely in Blender and Affinity Photo to see how far I can push these tools. My thanks go to my lovely colleague and friend Julia for going to Mars for me!

To see the whole exhibition with all the works from the team go to this Virtual Exhibition.

Cheers, Peter

2d - works on Instagram




I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks, Bart - I am very honoured - have an awesome weekend as well !



You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Great work!

It would be nice to see some more info on your workflow, some screenshots and how you approached all the combining of the elements. Especially because Affinity Photo is often seen as a bit of a 2nd class PS.

Oh… The exhibition link is empty btw, so we cannot open that page, :wink:

And not just a request to you, but other as well… Please use something else than Instagram for your portfolios. IG’s always forces you to login, and not all of us have/want a IG account… :wink:



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Hey Rob, thanks for taking the time to answer so thoroughly. I do have an artstation account https://www.artstation.com/dmerc and our company website (xoio) linked in the top. But it’s kind of hard to keep them all up to date.

Talking about the process - I will keep that in mind ;).

P.S.: Fixed that link - thanks for pointing out!


Nice job on the exhibition, and there’s some great images there. Living close to the beach myself, I liked William’s ‘beach bubble’ as well. Would be a nice getaway house during the summer. :slight_smile:
And nice to see krpano again, I used to work extensively with Kolor’s Panotour, which unfortunately was EOL’d a while ago.

And your Artstation page has some very nice work. Can I assume you’re a fan of Moebius?

Does XOIO use Blender for all their work? There’s great imagery on the website :slight_smile:



Thanks for the nice feedback. Unfortunately we did not quite manage to switch to Blender - we use 98% 3ds Max + Corona for our commercial stuff - so many assets and tools that are centered around that pipeline. But I am working on it ;).

About my 2d-stuff: Funnily I just rediscovered Moebius recently. A lot of various artists I am humbly looking at - so much to learn. It was always my goal to build a personal pipeline that combines 2d and 3d, you know.

Have a great day!


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I just cannot stop staring at this.
So emotional.
One of the best of best works I’ve seen here.
And the title completes it.
It’s just perfect.

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Wow, Dude, that’s so nice - thanks! That means a lot to me :flushed:, seriously. If I can evoke some emotion like this with an image, it’s worth every effort.

Thanks and stay safe :heartbeat: !

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I really like this imagery. Great work! :metal:

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Great work!

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