A idea for a community based game.... (Pie SkyRats?)

so, using logic, python and rigging, I made this

with some more work, and “slots” that spawn weapons etc, that are “slugged” so they can be generically fed ammo and fired, as well as “dynamics upgrades” that change the way lift, throttle or drag are handled?

Rats will fly nautical dirigible and fire pies out of cannons, attempting to down there enemies, or knock them overboard.


PieSkyrets.blend (677 KB)

To me it is a bit unclear what I’m looking at in the video, and what the game are supose to be about. flying rats? plz be more specific when u post, to avoid unnecessary question’s from your readers. for example if you got an idea, plz tell us about the whole thing, not only an small part of it, that ofc make allot of sense to you, but are hard to understand for the rest of us as we don’t know enough about it.
plz give us some more info, like why did you get this idea?, why is it an good idea?, how can we make it real?, ect,etc…
also if it is suppose to be an community based game, i think u posted this thread in the wrong section.

anyway like how the “Balloon” in the vid reacts to the cubes hitting it, nice work there!

Sky pirates | Pie sky rats

Really Its a blank canvas, but the idea is something super simple, that is using modular templates, so anyone can edit a asset, and parenting it to a socket enables it.

This is more of A feeler thread, then a serious project, I made it in a nap time… :smiley:

Your demo looks really interesting, good work!
Does the download in the first post include the updates from your last video?

The biggest invention is the name which I think is quite funny and I can’t believe nobody used it before.

Your demo looks really interesting, good work!
Does the download in the first post include the updates from your last video?

no but here they are :smiley:

hit view -> camera

q-e throttle

wasd= steer (needs work)

z-c lift


PieSkyrets.blend (691 KB)

I like the idea, sounds like a very funny game. And the title, is in my opinion quite original!
I imagine it as a simple cartoony, fast paced game, where you must place your shots very well. If you kill one dirigible, you get their pile of pies?
Maybe a team work game? one flies, one loads pies, one fires them?

Hey what will the pies be made of? Jalapeno?


I was thinking maybe like a golf mini game style aiming,

as for the pies,

classic pie, (blue red or green)

piping hot pie?

pot-pie (more snipery less mass?)

“Whopper” high mass larger pie

Rocket pie, (continues to thrust after sticking to enemy?)


we don’t have to only use pies, I was thinking that might be a special attack for each ship,
and have regular canons from old school times…?

I am 100% open to ideas,

Why can’t the enemies try to use fire arrows to burn the balloons.I think that would be cool.
How is wrectified going?Is the rat supposed to be humanoid?

Maybe it should be like a treasure hunt race, and the pies are to delay the other ships.

Just a little burned out, I needed something less complex and more whimsical for a moment,

Wrectified is still in full effect, however I need to finish the weapon system linkages /swap to the assembly system…(it’s not even that hard) I am just not very motivated, at the moment, to work on wrectified… it will pass.

pie in the face = can’t see for a little while?

pie in the engine = loss of all throttle for a moment while you frantically press buttons?

regular canons do damage to ship? (they shoot gumballs?)

Pie in the rudder = can’t steer?

if your rat gets knocked off, he hangs by a rope, so you have to frantically button press to climb back?

another direct hit while hanging = death?

king of rats.blend (1.1 MB)Here is my rat.

I made this steampunk styled ‘Rowing Boat’ that I thought migh work with this project.



that is a great looking boat.

I’ll check these out tonight :smiley:

Great idea! in that game should be achieve more interest from the kids. Because the children and kids are mostly like to play the games.
Please make that game

Here is a cannon.


cannon.blend (560 KB)cannon4.blend (617 KB)