A lens texture

I am making a drone model for a competition, I have created the basic model and also built a drone camera. I am suffering to find a lens material or texture to apply it on the camera’s lens.

If you could provide me a node solution or a texture directly, than I will be very grateful to you.


Hi, I’m not 100% sure on what you mean by ‘lens texture’, but if you search for dirt lens, some nice overlays will come up which you can easily add with the compositor with a blend mode (mix node).

A lens is (tradionally) made of glass so you may wanna play arround with a glass shader ??

So what are the nodes and there parameters that I need to use.

I think its just a matter of making a lens object and applying glass, in eevee the relevant settings are below, in cycles its just glass, I think the sharp distribution setting is good in this case.

Here is a file with a lens object with the glass material.

lens.blend (861.5 KB)

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Thanks, you made me get the first place. Thankfully the whole project got rendered fast (thanks to nvidia), then I did the whole project under 5 hours in premiere with the deadline of 1 hour remaining. And finally joined the meeting and won the polaroid camera.

I will now make a polaroid camera in blender, and put your answer in the printed paper model of the polaroid. And then thank you again.

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