A Light To Work By

(acasto) #1

A piece I just did while sitting here looking at the candle I had burning on my desk.

BTW… all blender but a couple textures


640x512 version

HI-RES version

(ec2) #2

Very nice. Was Radiosity used?

(IMProvisar) #3

Very nice work, but I don’t see any shadows cast by the candle’s flame. Other than that, it look’s awesome (and of course, better than I can do right now :)).


(S68) #4


I like it, and I like your BIG renderings :slight_smile:

Only concern is on candle not casting shadows, yes, and on the flame, which is too regular in shape and colour.


(acasto) #5

Yep, forgot the shadows :-? Oh well, I just had like a half hour to do this anyways. I was sitting there getting ready to write some stuff, and I was looking at my candle. So I thought…

Anyways, thanks for the comments