A little 4th of july blend

To all those americans(by that i mean United Statesian, but american is easier to say, canadians plz dont get offended) out in the comunity, happy early Independence day

^jus some particle fun^

PS i wont respond gotta do my 500 post monkey abuse post 1st :smiley:

Nice firewors

the one making the flag is quite believable :slight_smile:


Looks good. You should only make the particles bend less down. Real fireworks doesnt fall down :slight_smile:

yes really good i like the flage pretty nice. i do like particle fun :D.

What, so America includes the United States and Canada? Excuse me? You’re trying not to offend Canadians? You’re another sorry example of a person that has forgotten that there are more than two countries that constitute the Americas. So, just to be difficult, here are the omissions. I hope you haven’t offended any folks from:

El Salvador.
Costa Rica.
French Guyana.
The Dominican Republic.
Puerto Rico.
A whole slew of tiny islands around Barbados.
Anyone who I may have, through my own ignorance or poor memory, omitted, yet still falls under the moniker of American.

Anyhow. I hope my point is clear. American refers to quite a few folks.

Lighten up anogarlr, you’ll live longer!:slight_smile:
I think the fire works look convincing, did you try the old tutorial?
BTW: I’m from ES and I consider myself Salvadorean NOT american(until I become a citizen :stuck_out_tongue: )!

You know what i meant, no need to be a pesimist i dont think ive seen any central or south american members( so there is no need to list 30 some odd countries.

The fireworks look great.

And to go off on a rant about the use of the word Aerican is pretty ridiculous. It is commonly used to refer to citizens of the US all the time. It’s pretty widespread and generally accepted, and it got his point across. You’re complaining about something that isn’t worth complaining about.

You know what i meant, no need to be a pesimist i dont think ive seen any central or south american members( so there is no need to list 30 some odd countries

You know, your first post was not offending at all IMHO, and it was nothing to worry about, but this one is an entirely different matter. What do you mean by odd countries??
How is Mexico odd? How is Argentina odd? I trully hope it’s just my misunderstanding, and not your way of thinking, so please correct me if it is.

By the way, the flag is pretty cool :slight_smile:

first, yea the fireworks are cool but could be better but I don’t think I would be able to explain how to make them better…so I’ll shut up about this now

second, it is true that american is use to describe the people living in the U.S. but it shouldn’t…it’s just been used by the people living their because they couldn’t find any other word to describe themselves…and I’m not saying this to offend anyone, but also because they, in majority, think they are what make up America…and I find this a bit insulting.

and your first comment wasn’t offending at all…but I think you walked a bit too far with the “Odd country” thing…and if we check the true reality of our world…the only odd country I see in america IS u.s.a…and still I’M not pointing this to the people living it it…but maybe more the people “controlling” it…

Maybe that should be 30-odd… as in, about 30, or, 30, more or less… not 30 strange countries !

Haven’t you people heard this expression…? :-?

Nice fireworks !

I disagree here as well, every people sees his own culture as normal (well, mostly), and the rest is strange. It’s normal, but calling an other country odd is, khm, strange, especialy when you are calling whole Latin and South-America odd, with all it’s beauty, mysticism, and history. Fonix, do you think Asia is odd? Or is Europe odd?

Rhysy, yeah, that’s what I was at first thinking, but that wouldn’t be 30-some-odd :slight_smile:
Um, and no I haven’t heard that expression, I just assumed that it could be something like that, that’s why I said that it could be my misunderstanding and I still hope it is.

I was trying to point out that Fonix is (almost certainly) trying to say approximately 30, not that they’re all weird. It’s just an expression !

Some odd is an expression, as an un known exact number :wink: EX-There are 7000 someb odd users on elyiun.
i guess no one has heard of that expression so im tired of defending myself, so everone plz stop shreding it

And X, Thx and this was only a 10 min blend, i could tweak it and put a dozen more emittors and add other fxs but i just dont feel like putting all thats effort into a short blend for entertainment.

Nice render, I like the ‘fireworks flag’ (can it be animated?)

And also, America is a CONTINENT that goes from Canada to Chile (top to bottom). From what I’ve seen, United Statesians are the only ones who use the terms ‘America’ and ‘American’ to refer only to themselves. I think it’s unfair/wrong.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

It’s not set up for animation, i suppose if i put a scale ipo on it and some additional prticles it could look be animated