A little experiment


Yesterday I made a little GE features experiment that some of you may possibly find interesting (don’t know if it has already been done).


  • Object selection: to be able to select an object in the GE, without any logic bricks on those objects
  • Color picker: change color of selected object with color sliders (one per color, rgb)
  • and everything with a rotating camera (camera’s controles: MMB to rotate, Wheel to zoom)

In this example I chose a car as the object to modify. When running the application
, click (LMB) on a part of the car to change its color with the sliders.
Download it here.
(you can replace the car with any of your models, just place it at the center of the scene, and you’re done! Just one thing: you can only change the color per object, not per material or anything else)

Usefulness of such thing:

  • For example in the industry, you have a CAD model, and you want to show it to your boss (or a friend of yours) who hasn’t any CAD tools: just import your model to Blender, add it to this application, make a runtime and give it to your boss. He’ll be able to navigate instantly into the scene, and interract with it.
  • To make puzzle games where you have to select objects, etc.
    (I’ll soon try to make another demo with the translate manipulator)

Does anybody knows if there is a better way of doing that?
(the 3 features together, without adding logic bricks to selectable objects, and with a low memory-consuming)

well, it’s more or less a “classic” model viewer?
There’s some old scripts available, and I’ve made one with some interactivity inside!
In your file I must “activate” the color with LMB and spin/zoom the model with
Is this correct?
Thank you for share, it’s surely useful!

Yeah, it’s exactly a model viewer. Nothing new with that part, I know.
The possibly new thing, is the selection of objects with a click, without any logic bricks on those objects, so you can just put your model inside the application and that’s it (like I said, not sure somebody never made that, but it was fun to make ^^)
Do you have a link to the script you’re talking about? I’m quite interested in such things.

“In your file I must “activate” the color with LMB and spin/zoom the model with
Yep, that’s right

The two? I have are quite old, I don’t know if they work well with the current
Blender version?!
I must search them in my backup cd’s…
Anyway, if I remember well, they work more or less like yours!
Now, this is not important, but I guess that “standard” mouse action is LMB - grab-turn the model, MMB-zoom?!

Don’t bother if it’s too hard to find back.


  • select an object: LMB
  • rotate the view: grab MMB
  • zoom: MMB wheel