A little gift... [Edit: more body types]

[Edit: I have now added a few different body types from the same model to the file so get it again if you want.]

Here is a little Thanksgiving gift from me to you! Its a low res base mesh. It could be used for a starter point for a lot of models. You could freeze the sub surf and use it to create game models. Lots of possibilites! Have fun.




That’s very kind of you, thanks.

thanks really usefull

Good proportions. Nice clean mesh.

woo! this will be fun

Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the gift TorQ. The Blender community seems to be a never ending stream of gifts. :smiley:

These models are great. I need to study them for hours to figure out how you managed to put in so much humanity into them (something lacking in a lot of 3D work) with so little curve data.

Also, as far as end use is concerned, I think these can be usefull for a lot more than you give them credit for. Imagine large complex CG crowd scenes in epic animated movies … this kind of low detail would be perfect for that (hint, hint) … anyone planning on shooting Blender into world-wide stardom with anything like that soon %|

Great work, and thanks again.

I feel like the one on the right after thanksgiving!

Thanks man. Those are really great looking :slight_smile: