A Little Goofing on "Project Orange"

Just a joke, a short animation on the behind the scenes over at “Project Orange.” Just some of the things that went through my head when looking at the photos of you guys working hard. Not ment to offend any members of Orange…just jokes guys. All ment in good fun!

But i proably will have my free copy of blender taken away, and booted off elysuin.com for good because of making this…dam!

“Behind the Scenes at Project Orange”
280kb, Flash
Click Here to Watch

Good Luck to you “Project Orange”
Check out the real Project Here Orange.Blender.org
And as I joke hopfully I can help generate some donations for you guys too.


Quite funny, especially since most of the voices sound exactly the same.


Wu that is excellent. you are way to checky for your own good (i am jelous)


Lol poor Lohnc… or NE0…

Good Times!

JoOngle- haha, thats great, i have never met or heard any one of them talk, it was just my stereotypical european accent, sorry guys for the bad voice overs.

Alltaken- haha, excellent, i couldnt pass up the oppurtunity once i saw those photos and had the ideas, but as i made it i thought ohhh crap this could go horribly wrong and offend lots of people, but iam so glad to see people got the joke!

Sutabi- LohnC is my all time favorite blender artist, but that dude looks crazy as hell in the one photo, sorry for the psycho music dude, haha.

Great fun to make and think up, good luck again to the “Project Orange” people. Hope this made you guys laugh too.

That, hands down, is the funniest website ever.

Even funnier than realultimatepower.com

It’s true, LohnC eats babies. :wink:

I’ve seen it in action, he puts them in a large blender, hit “puree” and then takes out a small spoon…


Haha, that’s damn funny and reminds me of Beavis and Butt-Head :D.

Fear my jacket!

i am so glad you did that, very funny. hopefully there are a few more in the pipe as you get more material from the orange site to work with!


i bet the orange team is laughing harder than the rest of us…!

I don’t see what’s so funny? It’s just a regular video-grab from our first workshop session. That’s pretty much exactly how it went the first day ( I don’t remember the rest- amsterdam IS pretty rockin’ )
Don’t worry about Lee- he isn’t at all psycho, and anyway, that baby was asking for it.

LucidMonkey, you’d probably win your bet :wink:


absolutely fantastic! whole team have had a busy day, and its nicely ended with 30 minutes of constant laughter =D

hey i love that i can be put with a horror movie soundtrack, im usually so non-scary, and nice RVK’s btw :wink: :wink:

thanks again from all of us here in the little Amsterdam blender kitchen, and thanks for making our day/week/month/year!! 8)

…mmmmmm baby back ribs…

Yeah, it’s annoying, the dried blood around Lee’s desk is really starting to smell.

Maybe we’ll have to select the next batch of imagery for maximum comedic value. LucidMonkey’s comment was spot on :slight_smile:

Ok, now …THAT’s scary :o

haha good to hear people are laughing, and not pissed!

NeOmega- thanks man

theeth- i knew by the look in his eyes :<

thoro- haha, that jacket is so PIMP! ive got to get one.

lucidMonkey- maybe more? i guess if they show new photos, and i can think of funny stuff. i just dont want to disrespect them, they are all pretty awsome artists, but dam it is so much fun to joke on them!

slikdigit- haha, thats funny, poor baby, good luck to you guys!

LohnC- ahhhhh lohnc i was only joking man :o , haha just kidding, glad you guys dug it, i was hoping the Orange team see it, just for fun, good luck to you guys!

broken- haha, its amsterdam rocks guy right, haha so funny, they had you looking very stoned in that photo, but then again it is amsterdam, haha. very happy to hear you guys saw it and that your not pissed, good luck dudes! hopefully we will get to see more photos :wink:


Wu, you are seriously one f&$ked up dude man. Keep it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


hahhaha lolz … fabulous work man… very funny… i m sure orange guys will take it as a funny thing which can be replayed when really tired during orange sessions maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Wu, funny stuff. I think they’re all checking out the porno websites. Project Orange is just a front so they can raise enough cash to start their own film studio. Why do you think it’s in Amsterdam? Basse let the cat out the bag when he mentioned the topless waitress in his bathroom. He’s the star of the show.

It’s great how you put that together from just one picture. Hopefully when they release more footage, you can make more.

Bwahahahaha! That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen (I knew that’s how they talked :P).

Make part 2!

cool, thanks guys!

BgDM- haha thanks dude, i thought this is somthing you would laugh at, and yes i have quite a few issues, haha.

codebox- hey thanks, it is great to hear they saw it and dug it. i laughed so hard when it was done, and just after i posted it i immediatly shut down the computer laughing because i knew how rediculous it was.

osxrules- haha, thanks man. i think that the guy in the vroom jacket is the main player among them, haha, if we get more photos from the orange site i would love to make another one, i could write and animaite this shit all day long, hahaha, just no retaliation guys…iam weak :frowning:

Friday13- hey thanks man! if we get some new photos i would love to do part two, that vrooom jacket is the best!

LOL “Hey, why don’t we change its name to Project Lavendar?” Will you be making any more of these?