A little help with pose editor please

I have a cyclic walk cycle set up that lasts for 51 frames (the one from the Gus cookie man tutorial from the book because I am a real noob) and I have it running for 405 frames. But at frame 405 I want him to start doing something else. Whenever I set up a new pose at frame 405 it makes all the other poses in the cycle since the last hand set pose disappear. He just glides motionless from frame 51 to frame 405. Then moves again. How do I stop this?

Any help would be great. I am a real noob and could not figure this out on my own and could not find anything on it in the book or on online tutorials. If you could help me or point it out I would be vary grateful. Thank you.

ant emporer

You need to work with the NLA Editor (only the first and the second section)

Here’s an example of using the NLA editor