A little house that turns

Hello :slight_smile:

Here is a little house that turns:

Blender, ivy generator, gimp, octane.
The house: 96 000 polys
The ivy (made with ivy generator): 1 million polys ! (not the good settings may be…)

You can download the model (and use it !) here:
http://www.blendswap.com/wp-content/upl … ison.blend
(it’s without ivy, it was too big)


Nice model! I love the stones! Thanks for making it available to the rest of us!

Sweet post, thank you!
Whats happening with the background and DOF?

it is ingenious!
i am very impressed by your artistic skills/sensibility: perfect balanced presentation, strong storytelling quality, great camera/cut in synergy with the music.
I like its architectural qualities too. What references have you used for this house?
It is funny to discover redundancies in the blend file, because in the video the house seems to be redundancy free. The roof is too regular, too even. Despite of this the model looks very authentic.

Hello ! Thanks for replies !! :slight_smile:

benu: Nothing! I would be glad if someone uses it!

michalis: it was just an exercise in modeling and textures, so I have not put backgrounds. Dof is may be too much you are right.

migius: thanks ! happy you like it ! Yes you are right for the roof, it is an error on my part… i hadn’t seen the redundance…
the reference: http://blenderclan.tuxfamily.org/html/uploads/img4cb828e231aac.jpg (found on the web)

Thanks again !! :slight_smile:

Very nice, the lighting is really good!

Yeah, I noticed this on blendswap earlier. this model is exceptional and can only one day to be able to make buildings this well.

Sweet! Dunno why but it reminds me of Bioshock. It’s probably the music and the fact the house is in “bad” shape. The glass in the windows seems too transparent however, there’s barely any reflections.

Awesome job :slight_smile:

Wow, speechless. Some closeups maybe?

Amazing stuff!! same as keith would love to see some detail shots

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks Teoda ! Octane is a impressive renderer :wink:

GraphiX: thanks but it is really not complicated ! Just a good reference picture and some time, but the modeling is very simple !! Cube, extrude, loop cut and a bevel modifier ! Yes, i am agree, the glass is not good, i haven’t fing the good settings in octane yet … :wink:

Ramesses: ahah Bioshock, i like it :slight_smile: I had not thought of but yes, there’s a bit of that !

Ketih M and tcn1: Thank you ! You can download the blend if you want to see close up :slight_smile: But the modeling is not so much detailed, some problems in close up ahah :wink:


I am very curious about your camera/dof animation, lights settings, compositing.
I guess they are just as simple as the model is, and the trick is the perfect cut with music.
I haven’t tried Octane yet. Is it possible to achieve this quality using only Blender renderer?
Will you write a making of?
Will you share the rest of production files too?

What do you think about YAFA render :wink: . Beautiful work with a lot of sense for the balance of detail.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for replies !

migius: it’s very simple, there is no animation camera, just a turnaround of the house, it is made in octane. The camere is wide angle. Light settings simple also: no lamps, just settings daylight GI in octane. Dof and vignetting is made in octane, autofocus and big aperture. I think you have the same result in blender, you have to simulate it with many lights, because blender has not a good Global Illumination, but it will come ! Euh, making of, i don’t know what to say, it is very simple, just a little time to modeling and textures ! You can download the blend, export it at obj in octane (there is a demo version to try it). The editing is made in blender sequencer.

B65ISP (hard to write your name lol): good render in yafa, and you have grass and ground ! :slight_smile: With a little color grading, blur and vignetting in gimp, it is may be more interesting:


Oh là là! You turning stone into gold :slight_smile: . Yafa still running…

Dono, thanks for explanation.
Well, this film is a proof that beauty does not need complexity. I am still very affected by this work and its artistic touch. I can see it again and again and discover new details. Your film is for me the best reference for >non-boring< architectural presentation.

B65ISP’s version is nice but I definitively prefer the original version (without grass). Naked wet ground is the right background for this particular house model. It is almost abstract, without disturbing/concurrent details, and the same time it interacts with architecture due decent mirror effects. It is decent and cool. My first association was a maritime landscape at ebb (hint: ground plane should go to fog horizon). The perfect background. This way the architecture stays in focus and becomes nice warm, almost alive, real quality.

thanks and kudos!

Je ne peux vas travaille. Just noticed that. My french teacher used to sing that all the time. Hadn’t seen turntable until now but great work.

Looks great man! good job!

but you should work a bit on the DOF

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks for replies ! My image in the gallery, i can’t believe it ! :slight_smile:

B65ISP: yes, yafaray is a very good render engine ! And i"m discovering the important of the color grading and compositing, it can change a lot an image.

migius: you’re welcome, thanks to you !

GraphiX: ahahah ! “Je ne veux pas travailler” -> i don’t want to work :slight_smile: “Je ne veux pas travailler, je ne veux pas déjeûner, je veux seulement oublier, et puis je fume” :slight_smile:

Apertureless: thanks ! Yes, it’s my first try with octane, I do not control even though the dof…

Cheers !

great choice of song
Amazing modeling and texturing
very nice rendering and composition
Kudos :slight_smile:
And good artistic instinct