A little Minecraft Render

I just got bored yesterday, and started playing around Minecraft, when i decided to make this little render

Is kinda simple, but any feedback you give is appreciated :slight_smile:
Iā€™m also starting to learn to use FarmerJoe to make a Render farm :slight_smile:

Quite nice. though the shadows are a bit too dark imo. The water bump map is very light. Also try put the sun in a different direction to add more light to the player, rather than him being in the dark. Perhaps just try add more of a story to the scene (i.e. maybe a creeper just destroyed your house) or something. Also try add some landscape in the background. It looks like a sky block at the moment.

Thanks, gotta use that :), i will post the new one when i finish it (and when it finish rendering :P)