A little question about Turbosquid

I wanna ask :

  1. does Turbo squid belong to Autodesk?
  2. can members of the Autodek Community download the models without paying any money?

Well this is what my friend said and i wanted to confirm it.

I’m not sure about ownership by Autodesk, but you can sign up and download models for free.

To download models for free, you need to customize the search to show you models only priced between $0 and $0. If the model has special licensing, it will show up in the area near the Download button after you have selected it for download.

  1. does Turbo squid belong to Autodesk?

There are agreements between the two companies such as http://www.turbosquid.com/TurboSquid-Autodesk-Seek-Press-Release

Turbosquid does not belong to autodesk.
Anyone can download the free models on the site, so long as you have an account (which is free). Just thought I’d add that to what atom said.

No TS is not owned by Autodesk and no, Autodesk community members can’t get by the payment fee in order to download the models, they have to pay for them like anyone else.

In short, no, your friend does not know what the heck he/she is talking about.