A little question..?

well, first, i am not sure if i posted in the right section for this, and if i didn’t, i am sorry.

anyway, i have a big problem with blender, i just got a new pc and i instaled blender on it but the program is very very very sloww, evrything is slow and laggy and it is very annoying.:frowning:

i would greatly appreciate if somone could help me with that cause i miss working with blender3D.

Maybe that can help you answer me,
my pc is a window XP, pentium 4,
graphic card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200

Thank you in advance.

ah, ATI…don’t know, but I hear it all the time… blender and ATI don’t seem to get along somehow


** deleted* … Alex_G had better info :slight_smile:

this kind of questions belongs to Support forum.