A little scene

I’m putting this little scene together. I definitely need to work on the daisy and add other things. Any suggestions are welcome.

However, I’ve been trying to get the pools of water to look right. I hope it’s obvious that they are pools of water. :frowning: They don’t look right to me. Any advice.



are they actually modelled or just a texture? they should be modeled then have high spec and hard and low ref and alpha.

also, the water should make a dark stain on the paper… it looks like the paper is floating since it doesn’t seem to be affected by the water

The pools of water are modelled.

For the Shader settings, I’ve got:

Ref = 0

Spec = 0.650
Hard = 30
Refr = 5.000

Alpha = 0.6

I’ll try some higher spec and hard. Thanks for the tip about the paper.

Here’s an update.