A lock for the 3D cursor

This is a request for the next update of Blender.

Resetting the 3D cursor is a pain. I have never used the 3D cursor, anywhere but at 0,0,0.

I’d love this:
(Its probably been requested before, but there’s so any threads lol, I spose I should use the search but hey.)

Disable the LMB shortcut to position the curser in the user preferences or assign it an uncommon keyboard shortcut

Nice solution, thanks!

Great Idea! I use the cursor all the time, but only with the snap to menu to position things using the cursor location.

You can always snap the cursor back to center by going Shift-S -> Snap Cursor to Center.

But I kind of like the idea of having the ability to “lock” the cursor the same way you can an object.