A lonely lighthouse.(updated)

This is a picture from an animation I just finished. All your crits are welcome.
thanks a lot


Good, there’s a nice moody atmosphere.

It’s mostly good, and a nice scene, but I think the scale’s a bit off. Either the grass is tall or the lighthouse is very short. I’ve also never seen one with external strairs, and the stairs don’t look very good because they’re so simple. The lens flare is a bit weird. The texture on the ground on the left seems a bit blurry (what’s the Filter set at?) Otherwise it’s a good model.

thanks xarton, for the artistic remark.
Here’s an update where some of the remarks made by thelonesoldier ( thanks a lot guy ) were concidered, the external stairs are a choice I made to make it a bit different of the standard lighthouses, the blur on the left side may come from the texture mapping (?) I’m thinking about it, and if I find a solution I’ll post a new pic (may be the last one) as soon as I figure it out. :wink: