A Machinegun

here is my machinegun
All advice is welcome


Take off the scope or w/e that is and heighting the body of the dun its a little to skinny.

I think the scope needs work, or at least needs to be set smooth. Apart from that, it’s good, although it does look quite light for a machinegun.
Good work, anyway!

The model itself looks pretty good, like everyone said, that thing on the scope looks out of place. For textures, I would suggest going to google, typing in ‘rust’ into image search, and applying it to wherever is metal, one for color, and one for bump. And turn up the harness of the specularity, cause right now it looks kinda like clay.

Lookin good so far,
StrikerMuncher (the great)


I don’t think that the scope should come completely off, I mean look at that barrel, looks like a long distance one to me…

maybe just cut off that weird wibbly wobbly thing at the end of the scope…

  1. The scope just looks too big for the gun itself. (see no. 3)
  2. Scope is brittle too, because it only joins to the gun at one place, making it easier to bend/break off.
  3. The main body shouldn’t get any smaller until it goes past the rear handle. That’s what I remember from CS… You’ll have to widen most parts of the body to make it look solid enough for your scope too.
  4. Some little details here and there…especially the empty shell ejector.

All personal opinions though.

changed some things.


I think this is what hes modeling, or at least basing it off of. Its an RPK machine support gun with nightvision.

I like the new version better than the older one.


You know scorpion9, if you showed us your reference pic earlier, I’d have absolutely nothing to say. :expressionless: Just proves that there are gun designs out there I’m still oblivious of…

In that case, now I think your modelling job is almost finished. :smiley: Go on with materials and textures.

ARe you going to put this in a scene or is it a stand-alone model? I only ask because sometimes the texturing on an object has to be a great deal more detailed if its going to be by itself in a scene. That is to say, if there’s nothing else to distract the eye. I’d be especially careful with your wood materials. Its hard to fake in some instances but good luck!

As I said in another gun thread try and do it without the sub-d and maybe even take off the smooth, set it to solid. I really am getting annoyed with the “overusage” of sub-surf. Try making the smoother parts smooth without subsurf. It takes a little more time but it comes out much better, I feel as though I used the subsurf because I wanted my model smooth and I wanted it the easiest way possible. Guns are one of the things that dont really need sub-d…Hopefully people dont think I am a jerk for not liking so much sub-d or maybe someone will agree…haha

Its totally a matter of personal preference. If you can make something that looks good who cares whether or not its subsurfaced? Does it matter? Of course not. Let the artist decided. No reason to dictate to each other what techniques we have to use.

What would be more helpful would be a more detailed outline of another approach that doesn’t involved subsurfaces but will yeild good results. Without such suggestions, comments like yours look slightly rude and discouraging. That’s my opinion anyway.

I say work how you’re comfortable until you get good results. If you can’t get good results, ask for help. If you’re not satisfied with the suggestions, ask someone else. If that doesn’t work out for you, try another approach of your own making. But don’t let someone bully you into changing your modeling techniques just because they said they’re irritated by something being over-used.