A mans head

How does it look? Looking back on previews screenshots of other things, I notice my work has gotten better. I think more is needed.

The lips are the thing that stands out to me the most in every one of your head sculpts. I’d recommend following this tutorial by Yansculpts, that way you’ll have a better understanding of their anatomy.

Did some work on the lips. This was after looking at page from loomis.

And that is what the head looks like now. Unless I see something.

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Really solid improvement on the lips! I’ve been working on them myself :slight_smile:

You can mask off the lips you have created with the mask tool and really remove material from between the lips (or you can use the ‘fill’ tool). Then you can add teeth.
Next, I would add eyelids. Nice work!

EDIT: In addition to Yansculpts (He’s great!) Also check out Grant Abbit’s channel. He has tutorials for each facial feature.

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thanks @bippits . Although I still need improvement in this area, the head and body, I want to now work on cloths and hair. I plan on improving this area, but right now I want to work on cloths and hair to make things little bit more interesting.

:slight_smile: fun!

Have you seen blender’s new cloth tool? it’s…amazing, and they consider it pre-alpha haha.