A material problem

Hello guys,i’m workin’ on a new project,But i had a problem with the material;i feel that it’s not that smooth i don’t know,it really bothers me.I need help A$AP before i finish it,i’ll stop till i get a solution to fix it.
Here you go, The Screenshot will really explain everythin’:

Actually, that screenshot really explains almost nothin’.

It doesn’t look like you have put any kind of material on that model at all, and maybe that mesh is made of lots of triangles with some normals facing the wrong way, possibly with solid shading instead of smooth shading, but really I’m just guessing. It’s impossible to tell anything because this is just a screenshot of an unidentifiable gray thing with no information. Attach your .blend file so we can tell what’s going on.

Here you go: 111.blend (450 KB)

First: It’s made up of almost no triangles.
Second: It is just a shading issue. The geometry is not very clean (although mostly quads). Try applying an edge split modifier to the object and see if that is mora what you are looking for.

I’ll see :slight_smile:

your quads are all stretched into almost triangles. i can see what you are trying to achieve but you would be better adding more geometry especially on the large flat areas, so that you can straighten your loops a bit more. a mesh should be mostly squares with a few diamonds at turning points and perhaps a triangle if your stuck in a tricky bit of mesh!

Well, I said I was guessing. Not a bad guess. Just a near miss. :yes:

I hope you don’t think that i was referring to you (kind of trying to correct you). Mounir actually said his mesh was made up of many tris when it wasn’t when posting his .blend. That’s why I wrote this. He edited it out now though.

I did, but I thought it was funny.

And looking at it now I don’t know why I thought that screenshot looked like solid rather than smooth shading. Oh well. :confused: