a mini fantasy idea

I’ve had this recurrent fantasy about opening an art gallery. In the art gallery, there is a special room dedicated to works made by people from the Blender community - hardcopies of various renders / animations whatever.

With the debate still going strong in the Tracey Emin thread (see below, or above), its triggered off a few more thoughts about what sort of work would belong in this gallery. Should I invite the community to vote on what goes into the gallery? What sorts of Blender Renders and animations would people like to see in this fantasy gallery of mine?

Of course I’d have to commission some work by Tracey Emin the adjoining rooms, so there will be some stiff competition (lol)

[If I had the cash, I honestly think I’d do this]

something like he did here?:


when you open his page click on the door.


seems like a long time since that thread. I was just playing around with an idea over the past few weeks. I was thinking how good it would be to have a gallery to support and encourage the local community of artists and also to have a special place within it for the Blender community. I think it would be a really nice thing for the the Blender community to have a place in the physical world - and that by having such a place it would give another outlet / a protected space for the Blender community to communicate with a different audience.

It is just a fantasy, not a project. It’s more of a “what if?” question - If there were such a gallery, what would we want to see in it?