A model // mirror Question.,,

I have had Blender a while now, And now I want to do some good moddeling, But i have a question;

If I make half a model, For example, half a face, and then use the mirror funtion to mirror the model, to make it complete, imagine that model contained hundreds of verticles and merging them together was impossible because it would take to long? what do i do? just put the two halfs near each other? wouldn’t there then be a crease running down the middle , between the two part?

how do you guys sort out that problem?

please help


I have the same thing with my current project, a human model.

First, you have to align the midline verticies so they will meat up when you mirror the face. To do this, in case you don’t know how, select the midline verticies and hit S to scale. Constrain it along the X-axis, or however you need. Bring it down to 0 and click.

Now, when you duplicate the mesh, move it aside, constrained to the X-axis (again this may vary). Flip it. Bring it as close to the other half as you can. Pick two of the verticies from each model that are mirrors of each other.

Zoom in and bring them together. Keep doing this until you can’t zoom in and the two faces are together at the midline.

Select all the verticies, hit W, and remove doubles.

I hope this helps!


Just select your half-mesh in object mode, Shft-d and Ctrl-M and choose the right axis. Join (Ctrl-J) and remove doubles.