A moorish pagoda

Hi everyone,
Here is a render of a pagoda in the middle of an artificial lake (my first post on this website :smile: ). I painted some details on Procreate. The design is obviously inspired by Islamic Architecture. I love this style, especially the geometrical ornaments (often based on prime numbers, even though mine is not ).
I spent a week-end doing this, it is simple but I am glad with it.


Hello Obal, welcome to blenderartist!

I don’t see a picture in your entry… if you experience limited posting possibilities, just take a look around participate in some discussions, spread some love and you will soon be upgraded. :slight_smile:

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@Obal there were two issues with your post:

  1. You hotlinked to a domain that doesn’t allow it.
  2. You tried to use bbcode, which we don’t support.

I fixed the images for you. Next time, you can just drag the image files into your post to upload them.


Thank you for correcting this! I did not know you could just drag n drop images, I thought you could only share hosted images.
In fact, I googled “how to post on BA” and found this thread and I didn’t see the year … I guess my infos were a bit outdated =D
Thank you again

Hi Tachtian,
Thank you, the fact that you gain more and more possibilities as you get involved in the forum’s life makes perfect sense to me and seems safe for a community. I don’t feel restricted and my picture issue was just me not knowing what I was doing :slight_smile:

Good point! I have added it to the FAQ.

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This is great. I am also a Muslim