A more realistic camera flash?

I have tried the “Glare” node on a light-emitting sphere, and the first image is what I got. the second image is a screen capture of a YouTube video for “camera flash”. The first image looks like a fake. Can I get a more realistic camera flash in Blender?

image image

One way to improve is to chain glare nodes, use 2 or 3 with different strength, angles and count of streaks.
Or mix it with an real photo flash prepared in a paint programm.

It is really a pain to tweaking, maybe someone has a better solution how to tweak fine rays, or it is 100% reflection source depending?

The right one (white) looks good enough to me. Thanks.

I think I followed your nodes exactly, but it does not look like yours. How come?

cameraflash.blend (140.8 KB)

It heavy depends on the reflection / light / size itself. Make the light source brighter or lower the “Threshold”. Make it 1/10 of the size.

cameraflash-1.blend (138.8 KB)

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