A Mountain Shepherd's Morning

I worked on this for about a month in my spare time. Modelled and textured in Blender, rendered in Octane. Post with GIMP, Paint.NET and Blender’s compositor.
I have another completed version of this image sitting around with a sky that I like much more, but I’m waiting on permission from the photographer before I can publish it.

I Love the Spirit of this WORK! As well Really cool art. My only two cents (IMO) is with the mountain peaks in the background. There are too many peaks with severe slopes, like eye teeth. I think the two the far right in the distance should have more gently sloped shoulders, which would then lead the viewer’s eye even more towards the rising sun. But that’s just an opinion, no educated artistic slant.
Again, though, very cool work.

Now that you mention it, I do agree the two peaks on the right do shake the balance of the image a little bit. I did base the mountains off photographic reference, and unfortunately real things don’t always lend themselves to being artistic. Oh well, I’m happy with how it is for now, but if I do do a re-render (new features coming in Octane might enhance this image a little), I’ll be sure to lower those two peaks. Thanks for your opinion and kind words.

Man, its a no kidding, inspiring piece!

Fantastic work! 5*

I got permission to use the guy’s photo as the sky background at last.

Cool mood. You achieved a good ambiance and cinematic feel. Next time you do something like this use a standard video rez ;).

Beautiful work! Very lovely. Very powerful. I could easily picture this being in a movie. Would like to see it in a widescreen format. Maybe anamorphic? (2.21:1) (1920/817)

But still, beautiful sky background. Glad that guy gave you permission to use that photo, really adds amazement to that render.

5 Stars from me.