A mouse with Ctrl and Shift on it

Hi there.

After my son Odin was born, I’m increasingly having to use Blender one handed with him laying on my lap. For the most part this is fine, until you have to shift-click or ctrl-click. So far I’ve been using a laptop and doing a piano-player’s hand-stretch but…

Does anyone know of a mouse with additional buttons on it that map to shift and ctrl? Many mice have buttons mapped to (of all things) browser forward and back, and I’vew managed to map them to … regular keys (like letters, punctuation, etc) but not shift and ctrl.

I’m running Windows.

Most mice from major brands should be able to do that through their packaged software. They might reference those assignments as being ‘modifiers’ rather than keys.

Alternatively, on Windows you can use autohotkey to remap just about anything.
I personally use it on my laptop to remap Caps Lock to either Middle Mouse or Escape, depending on what I’m doing.

I would get this mouse.

It does it all.

Thanks, StephenMF, and welcome back to the forums, but I’ll try Ben_Morrison’s version rather than shell out $60 for a mouse.

I can recommend this:-

…for customising your mouse in various ways.